CBD and gaming

Video Games and CBD

Playing video games in a serious way requires more than a simple dedication of 5/6 hours a day. Fast reflexes, awareness, concentration, practice, sometimes even teamwork are needed. Sometimes our minds may get distracted on the battlefield, inevitably losing the game.

By using CBD (cannabidiol) you will be able to achieve that control that you normally would not have, perhaps during an important challenge.

The cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound of the cannabis plant, as not to confuse with THC, the chemical that gives psychotropic effects. CBD indirectly interacts with our endocannabinoid system, creating an even more regulated environment.

The Endocannabinoid System

The system that CBD (cannabidiol) interacts with is called the endocannabinoid system and it is responsible for regulating your body. 

Three main components make up the endocannabinoid system: metabolic enzymes, cannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoids.

Metabolic enzymes

These enzymes are what keep the brain free of the disorder. They break down chemicals that are no longer needed and produce the endocannabinoids that our system needs to function. In addition, they travel around our body like a true healer, making sure that the cells still present are active and in good health.

Cannabinoid receptors

Did you know you have cannabinoid receptors all over your body?
The two best known and most studied are CB1 and CB2 CB1 receptors are more densely populated in the brain, having control over the body’s neurological functions. CB2 receptors live throughout the body more evenly, and their primary focus is on immune functions.


Endocannabinoids are chemicals that our brain produces organically. They are produced by metabolic enzymes that serve to help and mediate activity between cells. They travel from the receiving neuron to the transmitting neuron through a process called retrograde signaling It informs the cell what it needs by communicating with the receiving cell in an appropriate way. If there is too much activity in the brain, the sending cells will stop sending too many signals, and this is where the endocannabinoid system will come into play, which will help speed up the process.

How does CBD work?

CBD flowers stimulate the receptors, opens the endocannabinoid pathways that regulate the system. When the body is not functioning properly, CBD can help relieve pain, control the brain’s transmit signals, relieve inflammation and regulate the immune system. For the players, the emotions are at high levels, the neurotransmitters are “fighting” like in a war zone. Using CBD can bridge and alleviate this emotional explosion.

Common problems when playing video games

Listen, none of us are perfect, we all have our flaws and we do what we can. When it comes to video games, not everyone has the same head, and not everyone can plug into a microphone and talk to everyone. It may happen that some circumstances block our true potential.

CBD can calm those nerves and help you make good decisions that get you and your team out of trouble. While others panic, you can put together the puzzle that will produce the most success. It can help you strategize in a tight spot, where you can usually panic.

Impulsive play

Don’t play impulsively, it can make all the difference for a good game, save a grenade for when you really need it, squander gold in an RPG for objects that are easily found around. All of this could make the game easier for you and your team.

By regulating neurotransmitters with CBD (cannabidiol), you can help these impulsive tendencies. Just like in people with personality disorders, it calms the need to desire and it becomes much easier to control it. It gives your brain the ability to chart the consequences before taking any action, making you better while you play, but also in life .