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The Child Is Addicted to Computer Games

Computer and mobile games are now an inevitable part of everyday life for families with children You have probably already encountered this fact. Today, kids seem to be born “learned” and many of them still can’t speak, but they handle this type of device perfectly. They get better over time, and if they like video or computer games, there is a high risk that they will start to overdo it.

This type of entertainment has its pros and cons. Some children are not interested in them at all, but for others they are extremely interesting. Studies show that they can improve eye-hand coordination, balance impulsivity, improve the player’s ability to process information coming from several sensory channels simultaneously.

They learn to make comprehensive strategies and plan specific actions. Games help kids feel comfortable and at ease with their computers. They learn a lot of new things, and not a few of the avid gamers after a while start to create games themselves, become successful IT specialists. However, some children really go too far and sit in front of the screen for hours, as nothing can separate them from it. This becomes a problem because they neglect lessons, refuse to play sports, completely forget about having fun outside with friends.

When parents try to impose restrictions, children become very resourceful and find all sorts of ways to hide in order to continue sitting in front of the computer or phone, glued to their favorite game. They even use the nights while the adults sleep to hold another virtual battle or build a new city. Excessive stagnation in front of the screen deprives them of the opportunity to learn to communicate with their peers and become antisocial.

Although most people believe that computer games in which there are scenes of aggression can influence children’s behavior research on this issue is not clear. Still, reviews of the most popular video and computer games among children warn that parents should be very vigilant and careful Games in which problems are solved with aggression, for example, the role of women is subordinated and they are the object of violence.

It is important to set very precise limits on the time you can spend with this type of entertainment. They can do a great job for you and are an incentive for the kid when you want to engage him in homework or homework. But remember that these are just a small part of the daily activities that adolescents should have. They have to practice some sport, play with other children, read books, etc. Use computer games as an advantage and do not allow them to lead to addiction, which will be very difficult for you to deal with later.

Get Involved in the Fun

If you have not played the game that your child likes, let him explain the rules and characters in it. It is very likely that you will feel stupid because you did not understand anything from the explanations. However, it will be happy that it showed you how to play, and you will still have a vague idea why it is so much fun.

Make a Schedule

To avoid obsession, set precise rules for the use of your phone, computer or video game from the very beginning Specify how much time per day or per week he can sit in front of the screen, in which cases he cannot and when he is allowed to. Explain that when he is out with friends, it is foolish to stick his head in the game, ignoring the other children. Allow this fun when he has written all his homework, helped you with the housework, or has diligently completed another task you set. But it is also important that the time you give him to stand in front of the screen is limited.

Warn in Time

Most parents have to repeat the child repeatedly to turn off the computer or leave the phone. No matter how many conversations you have when the kid is involved in the plot or collects his important points, it is difficult to agree to stop.

Warn him that he has 5 minutes to finish his game. If after these 5 minutes it continues to play without further ado, turn off the device directly. There will probably be a storm of emotions and it will try to turn on the laptop again. To find out you’ve crossed the line, halve your playing time the next time you play.

Engage His Attention With Other Activities

If you have already lost control and the child spends too much time on the computer, include in his daily life and other activities that will distract him and detach him from the screen. Enroll him in some kind of sport physical development is very important. Give him a hobby idea and make new friends. You can show him that on the tablet or laptop he can find quite interesting educational games from which he will learn many new things. You can also enroll him in a course that teaches how to create these interesting computer games.

As a Reward or Punishment

Use video games to your advantage. They can be a reward for high success, good behavior or a diligent task. You can spend a little more time in front of the screen when you are happy with your child. Similarly, you can revoke this privilege if it has made a mess or does not adhere to the established rules. A ban on touching the computer for a whole week will certainly work in the direction you want.