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CBD and gaming

Video Games and CBD

Playing video games in a serious way requires more than a simple dedication of 5/6 hours a day. Fast reflexes, awareness, concentration, practice, sometimes even teamwork are needed. Sometimes our minds may get distracted on the battlefield, inevitably losing the game. By using CBD (cannabidiol) you will be able to achieve that control that you …

Videogame controllers

The Child Is Addicted to Computer Games

Computer and mobile games are now an inevitable part of everyday life for families with children You have probably already encountered this fact. Today, kids seem to be born “learned” and many of them still can’t speak, but they handle this type of device perfectly. They get better over time, and if they like video …

Profession eSports coach

The New Profession Coach of Gamers

The popularity of video games creates new career opportunities. Video games are a huge industry that is already significantly larger than the film industry. In comparison, the game GTA V has brought its creators more than 6 billion in revenue since 2013 and continues to earn. It’s more than any movie, and it’s actually the …