How much does an esports player earn?

Just ten years ago, computer games were considered another way to have fun after work or school, which made it possible to pass a few free hours in an interesting and exciting way.

In such a short period of time, virtual shooters have made a real breakthrough, giving rise to a new direction esports. So, if earlier gamers were universally considered lazy, who wasting their own time, today players have become real idols, capable of earning quite decent, and sometimes huge amounts.

Today, the eSports industry is enshrined at the legislative level and is experiencing a real boom. Not only young people and students become professional players, but also mature, successful people.

Successful gamers known all over the world have created several rules that will help you make money on computer games and easily beat even the best players.

Who Is Called a Gamer

Initially, the word “gamer” was used to refer to people playing role-playing or military shooters. Over time, the meaning of this word has somewhat expanded and transformed. Thus, gamers began to call all people who play video games, not only at the professional level, but also at the amateur level.

At least 3 billion people enjoy playing video games. The number of both male and female gamers is growing every year. Such a sharp increase in esports players is due to the availability of technical equipment, as well as a huge variety of colorful and realistic games.

What to Do at the Initial Stage

There are several universal algorithms that will allow you to become a promising and skillful esports player. Anyone can gradually master the rules or combine them with each other, achieving maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Before proceeding to practice, a novice player should start a notebook. Every day it is necessary to think over the future day in advance and write down all the planned plans in a notebook. Before going to bed, it is advisable to analyze the past day and mark what results have been achieved, and what still needs to be worked on.

Choose eSports Games

Most people start the long and thorny path to professional esports with a specific video game. If a person is thinking about how to become a real gamer and get paid for it, he probably has been playing a certain computer game for several months or years. However, it is best to try a few games to find the right direction.

Thanks to this, you can choose the most suitable option and fully focus on developing your own skills and abilities in a particular game. In order to take part in international competitions in the future, you need to select the game in which cybersport matches are currently being held.

Thus, you will be able to research past tournaments, and you will also have all the necessary infrastructure and support resources.

The most promising and popular games include the following:

  • Dota 2;
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
  • League of Legends.

The winners of such tournaments receive the most lucrative prizes and earn good money, but due to the huge competition it can be difficult for a beginner player to break into the world of esports. Therefore, gamers should take a closer look at new games in order to contribute to the development of an as yet unknown direction.

Lots of Training

To get paid for video games, the player needs to constantly practice, improving their own skills and abilities. Practice Professional gamers have not only quick reactions, excellent motor skills and speed, but also an analytical mindset, as well as the ability to quickly adapt to stressful situations and make the right decisions.

Rapid growth in esports comes from daily training with stronger and more experienced players. For practices, you can use one of the existing platforms, for example, ESEA Tournament winners spend about 15-20 aces at knocks in the virtual world, carefully studying the mechanics of the game and developing new strategies for confrontation.

View Streams of Matches Between Top Esports Players

Viewing records between top esports players will allow you to analyze mistakes made by gamers and learn from someone else’s experience. Thanks to this, the novice player will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each gamer, developing for each of them a separate tactics of fighting. It is useful to view the streams of not only the best esportsmen, but also your own. This will create a unique play style that is unique to you.

Investing in Good Technology

For a high-quality game, you will also need good, expensive equipment. Of course, if a person does not want to go beyond the amateur level, he should not spend extra money on buying new things.

It’s interesting: What kind of computer equipment do famous bloggers use However, if you decide to make esports your profession, generating the bulk of your income, you simply need top-notch equipment:

  • A comfortable and fast gaming mouse.
  • Comfortable keyboard.
  • Powerful computer monitor and headset.

Often, professional esports players use the same technique during tournaments and at home. This is necessary in order to simplify the gameplay as much as possible.

In a familiar environment, it is much easier for any person to make quick decisions, as well as better control their own emotions. All equipment must respond quickly and in a timely manner to any touch of the player, as well as ideally match his physical parameters.

Finding Partners for the Game

As soon as the player gets a certain reputation and good gaming skills, he needs to think about finding partners. In esports, it is quite important to have loyal companions at hand who will not only support, but also point out mistakes made during the game. You can find such associates on the Teamfind web resource, as well as on social groups Discord or Steam.

It is always better to give preference to more successful and accomplished cybersportsmen, who will be happy to pass on all their experience to a still novice teammate. It is especially important to find like-minded people in team games. By training together, all players will be able to reach a whole new level.

Participate in Tournaments

To succeed and start making money on computer games, any gamer needs to participate in eSports competitions as often as possible. Singles are perfect for a start. If you lose, ask a stronger opponent about the possible reasons for the loss, his tactics and “chips”. After any match, it is important to carefully analyze the entire game, accept defeat with dignity and admit mistakes made during the fight.

The more an esports player participates in tournaments, the more chances he has to climb to the very top, make his own name and enlist the support of other gamers. Only for active players is the door open to the elite world of eSports.

Do Not Despair and Rest

For a normal life, any person needs to maintain a balance between work and play. Despite the daily training, the player should set aside time for their own desires, meeting friends and other activities. Many gamers lead an active lifestyle, exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. If a person spends all his free time in front of a computer monitor, he risks being exposed to professional and emotional burnout.

The correct daily routine and social communication will help the esports player to always stay in shape, be calm and fully surrender to the game.

How to Go From Amateur to eSports

Since 2013, esports has become an official sport all over the world. The organizers hold tournaments for both individual and team games. Most of the virtual competition is occupied by shooters and shooters, in which the gamer needs to show reaction speed, tactical skills, and the ability to act together.

Advertisers and investors are present at any tournaments, thanks to which the winners can hit a big jackpot in the form of a whole prize pool.

eSports Tournament

To switch from an amateur to eSports, a player will have to go a long way, prove themselves in tournaments, gain a name and reputation, and also win as many victories as possible.

Professional e-sportsmen are not trained in schools, universities or clubs. You can only become a successful gamer through hard work and continuous development.

Often, a person enters a team at the invitation of one or more participants. You can also become part of a gaming group thanks to tournaments designed for beginners.

How Much Can You Earn Playing Games

According to research, the average player in China can earn about 5,000 a month, while in America this figure can be as high as 70,000 a year.

Gamers receive the largest fees for winning international tournaments. So, Sk Gamming Team Trophies for CS: GO won a prize fund of 1,799,973 dollars.

However, even this figure did not become the limit. For the victory in the Dota 2 team game, gamers shared a prize of 9 583 325 dollars for all participants You can earn both modest and impressive money in eSports. The final amount is determined only by the efforts and skills of the players.


Professional gaming is becoming more popular and relevant every year. Anyone can choose a video game to their liking and reach unprecedented heights, providing, thanks to the money earned in esports, a decent life and a calm future.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what gender you are. Anyone can become a successful world-class player. The main thing is to believe in your own strength and never despair, because behind the next defeat a truly triumphant victory can be hidden.